Think globally and act locally; the Vishal Vijay mantra – Shadi (@yourfate) @vishalinaction @freethechildren #weday


At the young age of 12 Vishal has already made a name for himself in raising awareness for clean water for developing nations and in the fight against child labour. Currently he’s part of the We Day circuit with Free The Children (FTC) – inspiring youth all over Canada.

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The cost of Bill 60 by Mitch Kujavsky @HahaAccountant #QcPoli #Bill60

The Cost of Bill 60

Bill 60

As the Quebec provincial elections roll around on April 7th, a few things must be taken into consideration. We must review the current government and see if we are happy with the way the resources of our province are being used. There has been a lot of speculation about the Cost of Bill 60. As voters, we need to understand the cost of passing such a bill and its effect on our provincial budget.

I decided to consult an expert in accounting to help me understand where our tax dollars are being allocated for Bill 60. Mitch Kujavsky is a Montreal-based accountant and business consultant, president of MK & Associates, and author of The Funny Accountant blog; a weekly tax tip blog whose goal is to provide tax advice with a twist. By adding a touch of humour to tax in the blog, he brighten up the normally tasteless topic of tax and accounting! Continue Reading →

Do we own wealth or does wealth own us? by Shujaat Wasty #wealth #money #ownership

ascetic quote

Asceticism is not that you should own nothing, but that nothing should own you. This 7th century saying has proven to be timeless in being relevant even today.

In a world that persistently hosts a significant disparity between the rich and the poor; a “me-first” attitude continues to gain prevalence.

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Take risks! #QOTW by Shadi (@yourfate) via @coldplay #fixyou #fatekeep


Every day we can start anew. Every week we are given a gift, a fresh start and a new beginning. We don’t have to wait for a New Year to start afresh.

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Kardi aka Indian #GlutenFree Dumplings in Yogurt Sauce by Amber

Vegetarian. Gluten free. Meatless. Curry. Flavor. Mmmm… There, I can end the blog post right there… but I wont, because I need to share my journey as a chef, and why this particular recipe is so close to my heart.

Gluten Free Dumplings

Indian Gluten Free Dumplings

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Never give up! #QOTW by @yourfate #jackKerouac #fatekeep

Happy Monday!

Giving up is never an option! Enjoy.


Brilliant Ad: Trust The Power Within by @yourfate – #superbowl @duracell @nfl


What happens when you put a star athlete, the Super Bowl and Duracell together? You get one of the best ads of the year!

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Men’s Ice Hockey Olympic Team revealed – by @yourfate #sochi2014 #teamcanada #wearewinter

BdZQW3FIQAAiXTK.jpg large

I know Christmas was only two weeks ago but for any real diehard hockey fan, Christmas morning was this morning. Today the names of the players who made Canada’s Men’s ice hockey Olympic team were revealed!

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